Andaman and Nicobar islands are a well known getaway for individuals in India. Known for their spotless waters, outside air and water wearing exercises like scuba plunging and snorkeling, Andaman and Nicobar islands have picked up the notoriety of India’s most outlandish goal. These articles on Andaman and Nicobar Islands give all of you the data and motivation you have to design an outing to these islands.

The Andamans, comprising of somewhere in the range of 300 islands, were the site of a British punitive province from 1858 to 1945. The populace is comprised of indigenous Negritos (numbering under 1,000) and to a great extent Bengali and Tamil pilgrims from the Indian terrain. Pilgrims significantly dwarf the indigenous people groups, several which kicked the bucket from plagues in the late nineteenth penny. A portion of the Negritos have protected a Stone Age culture.

The Nicobars, which involve 19 little islands, are isolated from the Andamans by a channel that is 90 mi (145 km) wide. The local populace is of Mongolic stock. The Nicobars turned into a British ownership in 1869. Japanese powers involved the two archipelagos amid World War II.

Since World War II and Indian autonomy, a portion of the islands have experienced noteworthy populace development and monetary improvement, incorporate Indian army installations, and customary air and ship administrations interface the islands with the terrain. The islands were particularly hard hit by the Dec., 2004, Indian Ocean tidal wave, due to their relative closeness to the epicenter (off NW Sumatra) of the tremor that caused the waves; nearly 3,500 individuals are accepted to have passed on.


Travel Theme

Required Car Type


Andaman 2Nights 3Days (Family)

Nights Stay : Port Blair (2N)

Includes : Meals (Breakfast) , Hotels , Transfer

Price : 12500/- Per Person Twin Sharing (Ex- Kolkata & Chennai)

Andaman 4Nights 5Days 

Port Blair (1N) → Havelock (2N) → Port Blair (1N)

Meals , Hotels , Transfer , Flight (Optional)

Price : 35500/- PPTS (Ex- Kolkata)

Andaman 4Nights 5Days (Honeymoon)

Port Blair (1N) → Havelock (2N) → Port Blair (1N)

Meals , Hotels , Transfer , Sightseeing

Price : 18800/- Per Person Twin Sharing Basis

Andaman 4Nights 5Days ( Honeymoon )

Port Blair (1N) → Havelock (2N) → Port Blair (1N)

Meals , Hotels , Transfer , Flight (Optional)

Price : 23000/- PPTS (Ex- Chennai)

Andaman 5Nights 6Days

Nights Stay : Port Blair (1N) → Havelock (3N) → Port Blair (1N)

Inclusion : Meals , Hotels , Transfer , Flight (Optional)

Price : 37900/- Per Persion Twin Sharing (Ex- Kolkata)

NB:- Making Holiday will not be responsible for any kind of emergency such as landslide, strike, curfew, accidents, injuries, delayed or cancelled flights and train etc.